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Localized Cryotherapy: Unlock Your Body’s Potential

When people think of Cryolete’s cryotherapy, they think of our cold chambers, which offer full body cryotherapy. We also offer localized cryotherapy. Instead of treating the entire body, localized cryotherapy focuses on specific areas. It helps increase blood flow to the area. That can reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and help your body flush fluids from that area. The results can help your body work more efficiently, restoring function and helping you reach new performance goals. In other words, it can unlock your body’s potential. 

Increased Blood Flow

One of the most immediate benefits of localized cryotherapy is increased blood flow. When we apply the cold to the targeted area, the blood vessels respond by sending more blood to the area to warm your body. The more blood in the area, the more healing oxygen and other nutrients you get. 

Fluid Flushing

Another benefit of getting more blood to the area is that your blood can carry waste away from the area. Your blood delivers oxygen, but it also takes away waste products. If you are healing from an injury, your body is going through the process of using nutrients to heal itself. This process creates waste. The more rapidly you can flush the waste products from the area, the more efficiently your body can use the nutrients. 

Reduce Inflammation

When we apply cold to the area, it constricts blood vessels, which can reduce swelling and inflammation. That is the initial result that can have an immediate impact on swelling. However, cryotherapy has a longer-lasting impact on inflammation. When you think about how it helps flush fluids from the area, then it makes sense that one of the results is reduced inflammation. 

Restore Movement

When you reduce inflammation, you free up your body to enjoy a greater range of motion. The less swollen and inflamed your body is, the easier it is to move. However, cryotherapy goes beyond that. By increasing blood flow to an area, we help you improve your flexibility.

Reduce Pain and Soreness

After we remove the source of the cold, your body responds by flooding the area with blood to warm it. That means oxygen. The more oxygen in the area, the more efficiently your body can heal. So, you reduce fatigue and soreness. 

Ready to find out what localized cryotherapy can do for you? Call us to book your appointment today. 

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