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Our namesake service, cryotherapy harnesses the power of extreme cold temperatures to help optimize your body’s systems. Cryotherapy is a modern technique that targets your body’s natural metabolic and lymph systems to burn fat, boost weight loss, increase energy, and reduce inflammation.

What is it?

A brief and effective treatment, cryotherapy is the body’s exposure to extreme cold (typically below -200°F). While that may sound alarming, there is no need to worry. The typical session is just a few minutes, so you do not have to worry about things like hypothermia, but you still get the benefits of the supreme cold. Submerged below the head for a matter of minutes, the client’s body enters Fight or Flight mode, rushing blood to the body’s core and boosting its metabolic rate. As the client exits the chamber, the rush of adrenaline and endorphins elevates mood, builds immunity, and reduces pain caused by inflammation.

On average, clients can expect to burn 6-800 calories per session. Even better, the calorie-burning boost may last long after your session ends.

What are the benefits?

You have used cryotherapy. If you have ever used an icepack on a skinned knee, for a headache, or to reduce swelling, that is local cryotherapy. Full body cryotherapy extends the benefits of cold to your whole body.

Many cultures have used whole body cryotherapy, often in the format of plunging into icy-cold water. However, cryotherapy in cold chambers is a relatively modern trend, cryotherapy is empirically proven for a variety of indications. When performed under professional supervision, this non-invasive is a risk-free alternative to costly and painful procedures. It can also be used in conjunction with other treatments, boosting their efficacy and helping reduce healing or recovery times.

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    Cryotherapy for Wellness

    The research on cryotherapy is really promising. It seems to reduce pain and inflammation. However, the effects are not just temporary. So far, research suggests that cryotherapy is an effective treatment for a variety of health concerns. Among others, cryotherapy is recommended for chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and post-surgery recovery.

    Cryotherapy may also help with weight loss. While losing weight may not directly improve your health, it is linked with improving blood pressure and blood sugar and decreasing your risk of heart attack or stroke.

    Cryotherapy for Mental Health

    Cryotherapy may be great for your mental health. It can help reduce stress and anxiety in people who are struggling with situational stressors. However, it may even help people with mental illnesses. Stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia have all been shown to be reduced with professional cryotherapy treatment.

    Cryotherapy for Aesthetics

    Cryotherapy is a cost-effective method to treat inflammatory diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. That can improve looks as well as reducing itching and discomfort. Furthermore, by improving blood circulation and increasing metabolism, it has also been shown to build collagen, reduce cellulite, and improve the overall tone and texture of skin.

    Cryotherapy for Pain

    Most people know about using cryotherapy for pain. As we have already stated, most of us have put ice on an injury to help reduce pain. Whole body cryotherapy can have a similar effect on your whole body. It can create immediate pain relief. It can also be an important component of a pain-management program. An affordable complement to physical therapy, cryotherapy is a perfect way to improve mobility, increase energy, speed muscle recovery, and reduce both inflammation and lactic acid build-up.

    Those who engage in a daily exercise regimen are encouraged to add cryotherapy to their recovery routine. From athletes to those simply looking for sore muscle relief, cryotherapy is shown to accelerate recovery, assist pain management, and decrease inflammation after an injury.

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