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Engagement Parties

Everyone wants to look better for a wedding. However, today’s weddings are about more than the big day. Between engagement parties, multiple showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners, the whole wedding party is going to be on display. Help everyone look their best, in pictures and in person, with a body sculpting engagement party. Personally tailored for each guest, you can help them tackle the parts of their bodies that might make them feel less than camera ready or self-conscious in a fabulous dress or well fitted tux.

At Cryolete, we offer a wide-range of non-invasive body therapy solutions designed to help you look and feel your best. Body sculpting is by far our most popular choice, because it lets you destroy and eliminate fat cells without surgery. Not only does no surgery mean a faster recovery time, it also means a safe, painless, and scar-free alternative to liposuction. Cryotherapy can also lift sagging skin, like in our Brazilian Buttlift procedure, can be used as part of a procedure to boost collagen production in a surgery-free facelift, can smooth out skin texture and even out color, and can create an overall more radiant appearance in your skin.

Spa days have long been a popular choice for pre-wedding parties because they give people a chance to socialize and reconnect while being pampered. Take your engagement party spa day to the next level at Cryolete. While regular spa days can boost appearances and help people looks their best for days at a time, treatments at Cryolete can last for a month or longer, to help get your wedding party and your favorite guests through the entire wedding party season. Our treatments are also relaxing; wedding preparation can be stressful, but an engagement party at Cryolete has therapeutic benefits that go beyond cosmetic improvements and can help your whole wedding party de-stress and detoxify.

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