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Wayne Strobel

Adventurous, thoughtful, and caring, Wayne opened Cryolete four years ago. With the goal of helping people manage chronic pain and allowing them to move easier, feel better and live life to their fullest. Helping others to feel good about themselves is Wayne’s personal mission statement.

Stacy Puglissi

Kind, caring and thoughtful. Stacy is Cryoletes newest bee in the hive. Stacy is an impassioned body improvement specialist. Her focus is on body sculpting with the face lifts. “I love how they make you look and feel! You can actually see the difference as soon as you are done.” Call and book with Stacy today!

Andie Donahue

Dynamic, outgoing, and engaging. Andie is a front of house phenom, and cryotician in training. Andie is also one of our most outgoing brand reps! Spreading the word about the benefits of Cryo and helping folks achieve there body goals is her passion!

Lance Nelson

I have been a member of the Cryolete team for 9 months. My role here is operations, sales, and community outreach. I am a huge fan of the Cryo Chamber. Not for just the overall improvement I have experienced myself, but seeing the dramatic impact it has had on our clients lives

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