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How Long Does it Take to See Results from Body Sculpting?

How Long Does it Take to See Results from Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a non-invasive way of destroying stubborn fat cells. By using cryo body sculpting, you have yourself a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Body sculpting is safe and painless and can deliver results in a short amount of time – but how much?

A Short Time

If one to three months sounds relatively short to you, then you are in luck. Meanwhile, the same results from diet and exercise could be gotten in three months of intense diet and exercise, but most people will take many more months and even years to achieve the results they seek. With cryo body sculpting, it will be much less strenuous and won’t impact your daily life.

How it Works

Cryo body sculpting works by basically destroying your fat cells with cold. More or less freezing them right off. But don’t worry, if you undergo this treatment, your skin and dead fat cells will not fall right off of you, because the body has a system that removes fat cells correctly. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing the dead fat cells and you will not be burdened by the process occurring. In order to remove the dead fat cells, you must use cryo body sculpting in targeted areas of the body. After targeting these areas, and letting the lymphatic system remove the frozen, dead cells, it will leave your body as waste.

The number of sessions may differ for each person to reach their goal. One session may be enough for you, while most people stop after two. If you require multiple sessions, you will have several weeks between the sessions so that you can make sure the process of fat removal is working as intended. Estimates say that each session will remove approximately 20 to 25% of body fat from the targeted areas.

Interested in Trying Cryo Body Sculpting?

Talk with us at Cryolete! As experts in cryotherapy, we can walk you through all of the details about cryo body sculpting and how long it will take you personally to see your results. Please call us at (732) 696-4137 to learn more!

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