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What are the Benefits of a Cryotherapy Facial?

A cryotherapy facial is similar to a regular cryotherapy treatment where you are exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes at a time, except only to your face. A cryotherapy facial session uses extremely cold temperatures that are used in whole-body cryotherapy, less than -200 degrees Fahrenheit. At Cryolete, this is done by using liquid nitrogen over your face for a few minutes, usually two to three. Then, we will expose your face to warm temperatures to reduce any negative effects of long-term cold exposure. So, what are the benefits of this unique treatment?

Skin Tightening

Tightening the skin on your face and minimizing the size of pores is the first benefit of cryotherapy facials. The cold blast causes pores to close tighter than they would otherwise, making the skin gently exfoliate. This tightening also knocks loose skin cells that may be hanging around or clogging your pores. But another benefit of closing your pores is that, for those who suffer from blackheads, they may find relief due to the tightening.

Increases Collagen Production

One protein that does some heavy lifting with keeping skin elastic yet firm is collagen. A cryolift facial can not only boost your existing collagen but help your body produce more of its own collagen more efficiently. This is great because, besides keeping your skin youthful and appearing nice, collagen is used in your body for protecting ligaments, organs, and blood vessels. So with a boost in your production, you may be protecting the internal pieces of your own body beyond your face.

Calms Acne and Inflammation

Cryotherapy facials have the additional effect of reducing inflammation from the skin and calming acne down. But cryotherapy facials can also help with eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis! This may be linked to the increased blood circulation you will feel because of the cryo facial. Since during a cryotherapy facial, the blood vessels in your face dilate and increase flow. This will circulate enzymes with the increased flow that help flush harmful toxins from your face. The increase in circulation also stimulates the blood up to your head, making hair grow more healthy.

Interested in Trying a Cryotherapy Facial?

Come over to Cryolete! We can bring you through all of the details about cryotherapy facials and cryo facelifts and you can be enjoying the benefits sooner than later! Please call us at (732) 696-4137 to learn more!

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